Keith S. George

Keith S. George

Buyer Specialist

MRE Certified Agent

Keith grew up in Central Massachusetts in a family of four. Two older siblings, a single mother who was also the proud owner of a triplex. She was the live-in landlord part time and work full time for a national beverage company. My mother did it all. If the basement was flooded, she was the first down there trying to get the sub-pump working correctly. If one of the tenants moved out, we would all be scrapping wallpaper, yes it was the 70’s, wallpaper! My mom also cared for her tenants. Rents were always reasonable and that created very loyal and helpful tenants. The dads would help with the property and the moms would help with the kids. My mother showed me what it meant to be a person who cared for others while taking care of your own responsibilities. Things got more interesting when mom purchased the local corner market. My older siblings would work the market while my mom worked full time. We learned a lot about people and a lot about business with all the situations our mother dealt with so gracefully. My mother was a shining example of how home ownership would change a families long-term prospects. Every day Keith is out working with families, whether it’s their first home or their fifth home, he knows how much home ownership can change lives.


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