Success may be defined differently across the world but there is a common goal of achieving it. I have always aspired to build wealth through real estate and discovered at an early age behind every successful person, is a team of people supporting each other along the way. I was born into a family of entrepreneurs. My great grandparents built a successful business, Canter’s Deli and both my parents established themselves as business owners.

I watched with intent on how much parents went through the ups and downs of being entrepreneurs. I often found myself in awe of how they built a team and how they were able to cultivate inclusivity among the staff. It wasn’t clear when I was young, but I always thought I might follow in their footsteps and build a business of my own with exceptional team- members.

I won the lottery early on by starting a family and being blessed with beautiful triplets. I am sure you can imagine with triplets, the road to becoming a real estate agent wasn’t straight. However, I found a passion in working with others and eventually knew real estate was meant for me.

After working as a real estate agent for thirteen years in Los Angeles, I founded the Morgan Real Estate Group and set up to change the lives of other through real estate.  Starting my own company provided me pure joy. It hasn’t been perfect and I have hit some bumps along the way but I am proud to have established a small business based on my business core beliefs and philosophy of being client centric, with the highest regard to integrity.

Since the establishment of the Morgan Real Estate Group, I have been blessed with three incredible team members, Deborah Wolsh, Lindsey Reichwald, and Keith George. I may be formally known as the ‘Team Lead’, but I do not believe in operating in such hierarchy, rather we are a unit on equal footing, striving for the same goal.

Deborah agreed to join forces with me when the company was founded.  This decision proved to be one of the most prosperous things to ever happen in my professional life.  Deborah is a very bright and seasoned entrepreneur who has owned her own businesses and has a no-nonsense approach to management and interpersonal relationship building.  She is also a “doer,” meaning that she gets things done.

Lindsey is the creative force of the core group. Her background in marketing and art provides a platform that allows the company to enhance the “visual appeal” of the houses we market. She also has a keen eye for home creativity. Additionally, she makes great treats for the clients and her coworkers.

Keith is a firm believer in the mission statement of the company, having experienced how homeownership impacted his life. He is constantly seeking avenues for clients to attain homeownership and have their lives changed too.

Who one selects to work with as an agent can make a significant difference in the results and the overall experience of buying or selling real estate. It is imperative for a person to choose the Realtor® and team who is best for the specific individual and for that unique situation. Our team is talented, professionally competent, and works as a unit to meet the specific needs of every client and we believe a team of experts is much strong than one.

At some point, you or one of your friends may have a need to work with a real estate professional. I would never expect to be given your business because of our relationship or for any other reason, however, we would be extremely honored to be given an opportunity to share with you what we do. We like to consider this a very important interview where we can discuss your needs and our areas of expertise and how they may be a fit.

Thank you for taking time read the story of the Morgan Real Estate Group. Speaking on behalf of Deborah, Lindsey, and Keith, I greatly appreciate it.